Ivanir FMH psychiatry and psychotherapy practice

Our approach

The offices of FMH psychiatrie et psychothérapie Dr Ivanir Anchy Asher apply a psychodynamic (individual) approach based on Freud’s theory, and including other therapies:

  • For couples: systemic therapy
  • However, cognitive behavioural therapy may also be offered in some cases (for phobias, panic attacks)
  • Psychopharmacotherapy approach
  • Crisis support (crisis situations), marital, financial and social situations and other acute situations (death, rape, violence)
  • Any mental health issue that requires urgent intervention


Our therapeutic approach combines three forms of psychiatry and psychotherapy: psychodynamic therapy, systemic therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). This allows us to better respond to requests for support and to personalise the care.

Anyone can face difficult situations in life that may trigger stress or symptoms at any time.

Our psychotherapeutic work consists of meeting individuals, couples and/or families and adolescents who are facing a crisis, and supporting them in a better understanding of their experience, in order to analyse and clarify their emotional responses and to reactivate their resources.

As the process evolves, psychotherapy enables patients to gradually regain their ability to make choices and their creative capacity to see new opportunities.

We offer psychotherapy to address the following problems:

The psychotherapy is offered in the form of:

Individual psychotherapy for adults

Psychotherapy for adolescents and pre-teens

Support for adolescents in crisis

Evaluation of adolescent crisis

Care for children

Couples and/or family therapy, with or without children